New Horizons: Departure Date Approaching

Basically all I care about on the internet right now is the impeding release date of the new Animal Crossing. (Two more days!) It’s keeping me from being sad that the 10K i have been training for is very likely going to be cancelled. It’s also keeping me away from the news generally.

So here is some adorable Animal Crossing fan art that I saw on reddit and really really loved. It’s by u/crysmontas.

I’ve hesitated to post anything about the virus at all. Despite feeling quite a bit of anxiety, I know I am very fortunate. I am very lucky to have a job that allows me to work full time from home, and very lucky too that I actually enjoy staying home, so my life has not been impacted too much by the pandemic. The minor inconvenience about the run, and the anxiety about the virus generally, are small burdens.

Chins up, everyone; keep that six foot distance, flatten the curve.

March 18, 2020