Animal Crossing and Running

As the title indicates, right now this is really all I’m doing. The 10K my husband and I were running in May was cancelled, but is still proceeding virtually”, so I’m still planning to run it.

Last week I ran my fastest 10K so far.

I only had to stop to drink water once, too. And I watched Top Gun during, which I had never seen and is AMAZING.

But I didn’t post it right away because as soon as I was done (and showered), I went right back to playing Animal Crossing. I am keeping all my AC posts segregated to their own twitter account but here’s just one - in this game, even if you have an Amiibo card it’s not a guarantee that the villager will move in to your town .

My favourite villager that I have a card for is Erik.

It took me three tries, but he finally decided to move to my Island this morning. I am feeling REAL FEELINGS OF HAPPINESS.

April 1, 2020