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October 14, 2020
Selfie to celebrate the first time I’ve had to put on makeup and a proper shirt since March 


I had a meeting at work and it was the first time I was forced to use my video.

September 17, 2020
Browse Through 72 Years of Ikea Catalogs 

Ikea has uploaded scans of all 72 years of their annual catalogs, from 1950 to 2021, to their online museum. (The company’s optimism that there will be a 2021 is heartening.) An entertaining time machine of Scandinavian design trends.

via kottke.org

July 16, 2020
Email Issues 

So my maiden name is Barker. And there’s this other Rachel Barker, who either genuinely thinks she has my email address, or just uses it as her spam email.

​But over the years I have learned her entire address, most of her family member’s names, including mother’s maiden name, and a metric tonne of other information about her, like where she works and banks. I am unwilling to get rid of this email (which is a gmail address that I have owned literally since the first month gmail was a thing), but I basically only log in to delete her emails at this point.

Last month I got a notification that she was trying to log in to outlook.com, with an email address I own (and have since about 2006) but don’t ever use. So I tried to log in myself, but the account was locked. I talked to Microsoft account services, and they verified me as the account owner, but I had to wait 30 days for the account to unlock.

​So I did. And today when the 30 days were up, I logged in, changed the password and set up two factor authentication. When I got in I saw that she has ALSO been using the outlook email as her own for years. She never replies, obviously, since she couldn’t actually access the email. But people have been emailing her at that address. 

Is she terrible at email? Does she just hate everyone in her life and gives them a fake” email? It is unclear.

But if you’re ever googling yourself, Rachel Barker who lives in Southborough, Kent, UK: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you don’t own any emails using rachel.barker. You don’t own it on any service, not outlook, not gmail. Please stop giving it out, I’m uncomfortable knowing this much about you.

June 22, 2020
He Came From Japan 
he came from japanhe came from japan

June 19, 2020
trying a Beef Fizz 

trying a Beef Fizztrying a Beef Fizz

Click the image for a video of me trying the classic mocktail, the Beef Fizz”. Recipe from this tweet.

My husband tried it too and said it Would be better with less beef”.

June 18, 2020
Listening to Black Voices 

Listening to Black Voices Amid Murder, Violence, Protest, and Pandemic via https://kottke.org/

June 9, 2020
Small gifts - Big joy 
small gifts - big joysmall gifts - big joy

April 27, 2020
How good can chicken be 
how good can chicken behow good can chicken be

April 24, 2020
Almost at the Goal 

My 10K is now May 1st. Since it’s a virtual run and I can run any day in May I figured I’d get it over with quickly.

Last week I did 10K (by my Apple Watch) in 63 mins, and I am hoping to get it to an hour by Friday. Or get the treadmill sensor working again and then forget about my time. ¯\(ツ)

Very little is happening other than running and working from home. I’m hardly even reading the internet cause of Animal Crossing.

I’ll post my runtime here on May 1st, so watch this space!

April 15, 2020
Quarnatine Fashion 

This morning I am wearing a lovely Frank and Oak sweater in light peach, which I purchased just before the self isolation and never got to wear, paired with a pair of blue LuluLemon leggings that have a stain on the knee, and a burgundy Walmart hoodie overtop.

On Friday I went for my run, but my Runn sensor continues not to work so I was just using my Apple watch. I ran for an hour and ten minutes and my watch said that was just over 10K. I know it’s a lie, but it made me feel good anyway.

At work we started watching Listen to your Heart yesterday, which is the new Bachelor property that also incorporates singing for some reason. We had all decided we were NOT going to watch it, after struggling through the last season of the Bachelor, but of course quarantine times are not regular times. Anyway it’s terrible, it’s a Bachelor show where they sing at each other all the time so obviously it’s terrible. It’s only six episodes so I’m definitely going to finish it.

I’ve also just finished watching all of the original Party of Five and MAN it’s a fucking SLOG. The sixth season is absolute garbage. Charlie and Kirsten are married, why did they ever break up in the first place. Bailey gets into an ivy league business school somehow despite having dropped out of college, struggling to keep his restaurant afloat, and basically rape-dating every single woman he ever goes out with. And what was with the unceremonious removal of Sarah from the show? Julia continues to treat every man terribly but somehow fails up just like all of them. And Claudia is off to Julliard but I do not care because she was often the worst Salinger of them all. They were all terrible the whole show, much like when I finally watched all of Sex and the City. I’ve come to the concluison that the late 90s/early 2000s were just full of TERRIBLE people being on TV, and not in the fun way like It’s Always Sunny.

Anyway, there are a bunch of disconnected quarantine thoughts for your Wednesday.

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