I don’t normally post selfies

But on the weekend I put in some fake pink hair extensions for a party, and I thought it looked pretty cute!

Selfie with fake pink extensions ⌘Selfie with fake pink extensions ⌘

December 18, 2023

We Have Tree 🎄

Our Christmas tree, one of them Balsams ⌘Our Christmas tree, one of them Balsams ⌘

Never had a Christmas tree so early in my life but my husband was very stoked to go to a nearby neighbourhood tree lot and get our first ever real tree. It smells like Christmas!

November 25, 2023

Just found the cutest pedometer pet

Screenshot of Habbie ⌘Screenshot of Habbie ⌘

It’s called Habbie! You feed” it by meeting your daily step goal, which you can raise or lower to meet your own needs. You can also give him nice pats.

If you don’t meet your step goal, it poops, and the only way to clean it is by walking more. I love this because the last pedometer phone pet I tried would die if you didn’t meet your goal, and I found that very upsetting. Like what if you’re sick, and really can’t do your step? It just dies?

Not Habbie! He just poops and sulks about it until you meet your goal. Perfect. He’s also super cute! For the really low one-time fee, I’m really happy with it.

If you’re looking for a home- or- lock-screen widget pal, I highly recommend!


November 23, 2023 vpets phone pets widget pet iPhone app

I used to try to keep my Tamagotchi off my main blog

But now I think, you know what? It’s my blog, I can post Tamagotchi if I want to.

Doing some old school M!xing today.

three marriages at once on three Tamagotchi Mixes ⌘three marriages at once on three Tamagotchi Mixes ⌘

November 22, 2023 tamagotchi tamagotchi mix

Someone made a map of Toronto’s hidden fairy doors

Fairy Door via BlogToFairy Door via BlogTo

The Fairy Door Map is a work-in-progress, tracking the doors as they impishly appear and disappear throughout the city. Blue pins on the map are from 2020 and may not be still around, but recently the map has been festooned with pink pins, which are more recently confirmed door sightings.

Via BlogTO - Someone made a map of Toronto’s hidden fairy doors

November 21, 2023

What a Day!

Super Mario RPG remake dropped today and it made me SO HAPPY to play. It’s so nostalgic and fun and beautiful. I had such an amazing afternoon with this game. It’s everything I could do not to just speed through it! I think I might be half way done already!

Mario Mario on the wallMario Mario on the wall

November 17, 2023