One of the only things I thought I would miss about Tumblr was how easy it was to just post links to other content. With or without commentary, Tumblr has always made it incredibly easy to share and repost links from around the web. That’s definitely harder to do when you’re self-hosting a blog.

So, after poking around, I decided to set up a linkroll using is a bookmark manager which I already use for my personal bookmarks; rather than keep them in various browsers, using one tool has made it much easier to keep track of bookmarks across my various machines. However, they also have a shared collections” feature, which I hadn’t tried before. 

The linkroll will be links to articles which I find interesting; I can add notes to them if I want to, as well. If you’re so inclined, you can follow my linkroll using rss as well.

I’m toying with the idea of linking it to my Mastodon account somehow as well, since I haven’t really used that, and microblogging seems generally better on Bluesky.

October 18, 2023