First Run of 35

I guess this is my running blog now? I don’t know but this is happening.

It was my birthday on Tuesday, so this is my first run as a 35-year-old. It’s not my regular day either, I had to bump it up by a day because I’m busy tomorrow.

So here we are, and I found this run IMPOSSIBLY difficult. I have been pushing my pace quite a lot, trying to improve my speed. As you can see I’m a full six minutes faster than last week. But as you can also see I had to stop twice (total run time) to get my breath and re-hydrate, so I was pushing the pace too hard, I think. I’ll need to start ramping my time up more slowly.

So yeah, that’s my 10K this week. And maybe I’ll find some things to post that aren’t about running soon.

February 6, 2020