Becoming Someone who Runs

On Wednesday I registered for my first ever 10K. It’s in May. This was thanks to the encouragement of my husband, who ran the same 10K two years ago, and who is going to run it with me this year. (I definitely would not have even thought to register without his support, for I am, by and large, extremely lazy.)

Today I ran my fastest (indoor) 10K ever.

For a real runner” it isn’t a great time. In fact, it would be considered pretty slow. Okay, very slow. But it’s the fastest I’ve ever run, and I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve been running consistently (two to three times a week) for about a year and a half. I’ve been running approximately 10K once a week since October. I’m going to start ramping up now for the 10K race. But the fact that I could run 10K on the treadmill today and not keel over, not even want to stop and walk, felt like a real accomplishment.

Yes I would like to be faster before my run, and yes I will need a lot of training to get there. But today I’m feeling pretty pleased with my progress.

January 17, 2020