A Bunch of Small Nothings

  • I changed the O-ring in the brew group of our coffee maker. I was very impressed with myself and so I am telling the internet.

  • I made a great pot roast last night. Again I am very impressed with myself and am telling the internet.

  • I’ve been feeling a little head-cold-ish so I’ve fallen off my exercise schedule. Disappointing but hopefully I get right back on the horse.

  • My friend/cousin is coming to town tomorrow and we’re going to see a concert and I am excited.

  • I’m still working on crocheting a Queen size blanket. Who knew how long a Queen size blanket would take?? I hope I have it done by Christmas. Will upload progress pics soon.

  • I’ve gone back to using Goodreads for my reading list. I don’t love that Amazon owns it and I have tried several alternatives, but it’s really the easiest way to track my books.

  • Someone actually found a needle inside a candy bar, people are the worst, why would you do this.

  • Good time to remind that I post most of the links I read/come across on my Linkroll cause it’s quick and easy. They’re cross-posted to my Mastadon if you prefer.

November 1, 2023