June 13, 2014


Venti Valencia Orange Refresher

Rachel says:

Okay, this girl is rad. The Valencia Orange Refresher is one of my favourite things on the Starbucks summer menu, and I’m stoked to see that she’s biking, which is also one of my favourite things. Her name is Clementine, and she appears to be riding a cruiser, which I take to mean she bikes for fun, and to avoid traffic, and not for like, exercise”. The adorable skirt is also a give away that she loves doing fun, breezy activity, but not getting sweaty. I think that she lives in Barcelona, so she’s probably riding on some sort of sea wall. I think she might have a degree in something unexpected, like calculus. I also think she makes her own clothes. She works as a tour guide in the Barri Gòtic. She abhors classical music, and loves spicy food. Her perfume smells like Jasmine.

Art by Kora

A new Cafe Au Lady today! Hooray!

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