Peach Blossom Tea Latte (or 如意桃花红茶拿铁)

Rachel says: Lifen lives in Shanghai, where she owns and runs a traditional tea house and tea shop. It’s a dream she always had growing up, and she feels like she really lucked into the sort of tea resurgence”. She loves the serenity of the tea room, and the fact that her two daughters can play in the garden while she’s at work. I feel like her children are really her centre. Weekends they usually spend together reading, watching movies, or baking - they love coming up with new desserts, and eating them while they’re hot out of the oven. She’s weirdly talented at pai gow, although she hardly ever plays. I think she also really enjoys going to the opera.

art by Kora

New cafe au lady for Chinese New Year! I really love this one.

January 31, 2014