Rachel says: This is Aimi (left, BC Roll) and Camellia (right, Green Tea). Aimi and her cat, Wasabi, currently live in Vancouver, British Columbia, where Aimi attends Emily Carr. Camellia, who goes to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, is up for a visit. They spend their time together collaborating on ideas for movie scripts and graphic novels, in the hopes that one day they will be rich and famous.  Aimi loves to go for long walks through Stanley Park, and to Instagram pictures of her food.  If anything is particularly delicious, she will also text pictures to all her friends, with all-caps captions like BE JEALOUS. She loves thrift-store shopping and watching old sitcoms.  Camellia’s favourite thing in the world is poutine; she mourns the dearth of poutine in California nearly daily on her Twitter. She has a long standing love of Archie comics, and collects them to do this day. She hates socks.

Art by Kora

(This was originally done as a piece for The Daily Sushi.)

May 13, 2013