This is my favourite Coffee Girl that we’ve done so far. <3


Short Vanilla Spice Latte

Rachel says: This is Emily. Currently, she plays bass for an all-girl punk group called the Glitter Leeches. Music has always been her passion, and she’s been playing bass since she was fifteen. Of course she never played with her high school band - she was too busy feeling misunderstood and imagining herself as the lead in her own personal episode of Daria (still her favourite show). This fantasy was aided by the fact that she only ever had one really good friend, who is her best friend to this day. Now 22 years old, Emily works several part-time jobs while struggling to devote herself to music. Her favourite of these is at a dying local video store, where she is the manager. She steals rock candy swizzle sticks from the fifty-cent bin on the counter and watches Disney movies during her shifts. She loves post-apocalyptic science fiction novels, and the colour pink. 

Art by Kora

April 3, 2013