Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte with Extra Cinnamon (and whip)

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Rachel says:

This is Lola. She’s in her second year at Harvard, doing a masters in Business. She’s clearly on her way to a party of some sort - I’m thinking her birthday party. I feel like she might have asked her friends for a small, appropriate party, before giving them a 35 person guest list and telling them she’d act surprised”. She’s vivacious and fun, and incredibly smart. After her degree she’ll move to New York and work semi-obsessively, so she can make enough money to retire early. She’s very driven. She also has an intense obsession with fashion; one of the reasons she looks forward to making money is that she can finally afford to splurge on all the clothes she covets. She’s less about haute couture, however, and more about finding fun or frilly outfits that make her feel excited to put them on. Forever 21 is her weakness. She loves dancing, and is constantly pressing her friends to try Zumba with her. She reads her horoscope every morning, and, if no one is looking, she eats frosting right out of the can. 

art by Kora

January 31, 2013