Tall Gingerbread Latte (with whip) and Grande Eggnog Latte

Rachel says: this is Margot (gingerbread) and Aemilia (eggnog). To me, they’re very clearly university roommates. They’re both from Vancouver, but I feel as though they’re going to school abroad somewhere, possibly the Netherlands. Being from the same place and meeting abroad cemented their friendship really quickly; Aemilia wonders if they would have been friends otherwise. Margot is outgoing and charismatic, and regularly performs numbers from the Pirates of Penzance” while drunk. She has a vague idea of being a CFO because it sounds both important and ambiguous, but she will likely marry a European stranger on an impulse and will spend a few years travelling instead. Aemilia envies Margot’s sparkling style, but is much loved for her own soft sense of humour, and her willingness to try new experiences. Although she might not look it, she is always game to try strange foods and new adventures like skydiving. She wants to be a baker, and own something fun like a trendy cupcake shop or a French Pâtisserie. Together, Margot and Aemilia are most often found shopping, going for pizza, or watching old romantic comedies on Netflix. Margot loves brown sugar, which she eats with a spoon, and she only ever reads the life & style section of the newspaper. Aemilia scours food blogs as part of her morning ritual, and has a thing for cotton candy. 

Art by Kora

January 1, 2013