In addition to some of the things on this list, here are some things that I would no longer like to see in 2013:

  1. Bad nail art. Nail art is pretty okay, I guess, but if your nails look like this, or this, please don’t put them on the internet for me to look at. What makes you think I want to see pictures of your nails when your nails look like this? Just… no. 
  2. Talking about hating Facebook on Facebook. C’mon. It’s been years. We all know it sucks. We all know we’re going to keep using it anyway. Stop doing that.
  3. Pretty Girl Problems. Is there a worse way to #humblebrag than this? Speaking of which….
  4. Hashtags where they don’t belong.
  5. Pictures of your feet. Feet aren’t art. Feet are kind of gross. We all talk about how much we hate it. Can we just agree not to do it any more? That’d be awesome, thanks.

December 13, 2012