Today I was remembering my very first laptop; a Gateway 2000 Colorbook that my father cast off and gave to me. I used it from about 1999 - 2004. All I remember about it is that it had a 512MB hard drive, a floppy disk drive, and Spider Solitaire, so it must’ve been running Windows 98. I mostly used it for word processing (and solitaire), and using it made me feel like a real writer (which I am not and have never been). I began many a terrible novella on that computer. I even used it to take notes during my first year of undergrad, although by then it was obviously past its prime. I bet it would still boot if I tried (/if I knew where it was). 

My very _first _computer was a TI-99/4A, which I mostly used to play TI Invaders and Sneggit, and frankly I wish I could go back in time and not throw it away.

November 28, 2012