Trenta Skinny Vanilla Latte

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Rachel says: So her name is Melody, and she’s a makeup artist from Northern California. Melody likes to get angry about things. From a screwed-up coffee order, to the radio playing the same song twice in a row, to the store being out of her brand of blueberry juice, Melody almost enjoys the feeling of getting angry about nothing. She spends her day looking at people in the face, and perhaps as a result, she’s really more of a loner. She drinks a lot of peppermint tea because it’s supposed to be calming. The last date she went on tried to cook dinner for her, and she regrets that she was not very receptive. But generally, you have to spend a little money to get her attention. She’s been described as a bitch, but, she thinks there are worse things to be called. She loves Vogue magazine, and baked potatoes.

Art by Kora

August 21, 2012