Paper Writing Setup

Fig. 1: Many, many highlighted documents open at once, as if I can read more than one thing at a time. 

Fig. 2: Discarded cans of diet coke and an empty tea mug. Rather than reuse this mug, invevitably I will get a new one each time I decide I want a refill. 

Fig. 3: Tea-bag disposed of by placing on a coaster. Stay classy. 

Fig. 4: Soothing candle (does not help stay soothed). 

Fig. 5: Reading glasses, removed to take picture. 

Fig. 6: Notebook full of incomprehensible scribbles which I am attempting to turn into a paper.*

[Not pictured: Angsty, emo or indie music playing on the stereo; 15 Herseys Kisses wrappers hiding behind the computer screen.]

*Note that sometimes I can’t even read my own handwriting.

December 1, 2011