Printing Facebook

Ever thought to yourself: hey I would love to have all my Facebook friends’ profile pictures printed on one giant poster and decorate my living room wall with it? Yeah, me neither, but perhaps if you’d learn that you could do it, maybe you’d consider it.

Enter Printing Facebook, which, well, lets you print all your Facebook friends’ profile picture on one giant poster for you to decorate that living room wall with.

Artist Benjamin Lotan, who cooked up his Friend Poster” thing just in time for the opening weekend of The Social Network, says this is only the first product in a series of many to come — in an email he says an option to print out your Tumblr blog will be out next.

I really hope for his sake there’s an audience for that — I can somewhat imagine people willing to order print-outs of their Facebook social graph, but their blogs?

I also hope for his sake that Facebook won’t throw a hissy fit over his use of the Facebook” trademark in his website and service’s name, and for borrowing the look and feel of the Facebook site.”

-Printing Facebook Gives A Whole New Meaning To The Term Facebook Wall

October 3, 2010