My brother is always hilarious, that is undeniable. But this article is so honest, and speaks to something I agree with so wholeheartedly, that I had to share it with you all. This is my soul friends; my soul.

This moment of brother-sister-blog-bonding is brought to you by cookie dough ice cream. 


In this world, there are many things I love. Women, for example; good poetry, a nice beer, video games, proper grammar, Batman…

But of all the things I love in this world, few give me as much immediate joy as cookie dough ice cream. This may be caused by my intense affection for cookies and milk, which indeed is, inarguably, the king of all deserts; nonetheless, there is something about the perfect marriage between raw food stuffs and icy delicious sugar that cannot be beaten.

Oh! Also shirts.

Shirts are pretty rad.


October 1, 2010