How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I haven’t posted anything in a while, because I haven’t been doing anything. It’s summer vacation madness over here, which, due to my lack of hours at work, mostly means I am lying around and marathoning TV shows. I have devoured 30 RockThe Sarah Silverman ProgramFamily Guy,Freaks and GeeksUndeclared, and am now moving on to Party DownDeadwood, and Mad Men. All while intermittently watching fansubbed episodes of Sailor Moon and ordering hilarious T-Shirts off the internet. 

Such is my life, potentially my last real summer vacation before I head off to law school. I picture my summers during law school as hellish frenzies of part-time work at menial jobs, crying over the fact that I am cripplingly poor, and backpacking through Europe. So I have taken this opportunity to really treat this summer as if it were my high school dream vacation - lazing around in sweat pants watching too much TV, hanging out with friends until 4am, OD’ing on the internet, and playing video games.

July 23, 2010