December 9, 2019

With extreme thanks to David @, I have now consolidated all of my web presence from 2009 on onto this domain. All of my old Tumblr posts have now been moved onto this site, and are viewable from the archives. Ten years of me on the internet, all under one roof! (Most of my presence before that has been relegated to the archives, more’s the pity.) I also changed some things around slightly, and then entire site is now resting at the top level — that is, there’s no more separation between photos and any of the other posts here. If you used to view photos at, they’re all still here, there’s just no more subdomain.

I don’t know if I’m going to start to actually blog again, or to share links or things like I used to, but it’s nice to have a home for everything if I do.

Also, I want to make a small plug for, where this site is hosted. They run a fantastic service, and the support is amazing. Do recommend.

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